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What is Posies for Charity?

NOW AVAILABLE FOR AT HOME DELIVERY  - Must live within 25kms of Brisbane CBD

Once a month we will put a call out to see if anyone based in the CBD would like to purchase a seasonal posy. Once we have all the orders Emunah Events will produce the required number of posies and drop them off to CBD locations on the last Thursday of the month.

100% of profits from these posies is donated to charity.  We drop off on a Thursday for two reasons, the first so that they can be enjoyed over the weekend and secondly because we know not everyone makes it straight home after work on a Friday and we don't want to risk them being deserted all alone in the office all weekend!

How does it work?

We simply deduce the cost of producing the posy (which includes: The flowers,wrapping, logistics and labour) from the price you pay and then we simply donate the remaining amount.

How much does it cost?

We know that there isn't always money left in the budget for flowers -  so we have come up with 4 different sizes for our monthly posies.
Small - $50.00

Medium - $70.00

Large - $90.00

Premium - $130.00 

How much is donated?

We strive to donate 20% of the total price you pay to charity, however, given we are working with a live product that has an ever changing cost the donation amount may be slightly more or slightly less than this percentage depending on the cost of goods at the time. 

Since Money is going to charity is this a tax deduction for me?

No sorry, this does not count as a tax deduction as you are receiving good as a result of the funds, the donation is may by our business as a part of our business operations.

What charity do the funds go to?

This will depend on what building you are based in and how you heard about our posies. Some companies have preferred charities and ask that we donate the proceeds to their specific charity which we are happy to do as long as the charity fits our vales. If you order straight through us we have a number of charities that we support with our current charity of choice being Act for kids. Find out more about what this beautiful charity does here at there website:

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to send us an email at 

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